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Fun with a CD and a microwave

My kiddies are such pyros (and their dad was one, too, back in the day). Mark almost set fire to his sister's room when he decided one day (when he was five) to light matches in there and blow them out. Evidently, one match didn't go out and so he nonchalantly dropped it on the carpet and scarpered out. Silvia came up to her room a short time later and ran out screaming, "My room's on fire!" All ended happily though with no burned kids, and the only casualties were the rug and Silvia's stuffed unicorn. After all the hoopla had died down, Mark's twin brothers Stephen and Brian solemnly told me that when they had lit matches in their room, they made sure they were put out.

When the twins were two and a half, they put an eraser, a pencil, a can of cinnamon, and a plastic vial of red food coloring into the microwave, punched a few buttons, and then walked away. I was perplexed about the pervasive scent of burning rubber in the house until I discovered the contents of the microwave. And the vial of food coloring had exploded and bloodied the innards of the microwave. Ugh!! I guess the little partners in crime missed quite a light show.

Well, the guys are older now but not so much wiser when it comes to playing around with microwaves. Stephen wanted to show me what a CD looks like when it's briefly exposed to microwaves. The thingy sparks a lot, and the surfaces of the disk are fragmented (but in an aesthetically pleasing way):

Mark had to get in on the act by putting a dreidel thingy made out of aluminum foil into the microwave. He generated a big blue flame, which was quite spectacular.
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