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Website blues

Last December I took over the McGann Library from Em Friedman who'd tired of the enterprise. I switched the site to a yahoo server since hers was periodically limiting access. I was able to get the new forum going on January 29 after a start-up glitch due to my ineptitude. Things appeared to be going ok with new folks joining and information about Paul McGann's works steadily being added. There was a hosting problem in May that was taken care of by yahoo, and the site continued. A few days ago another access problem arose, which a service person at yahoo decided to rectify tonight by deleting the files that powered the forum and blithefully telling me that I'd be good to go if I just reinstalled the phpBB program. And when I did so, I was back at square one with a rudimentary forum containing no data.

At this juncture, I think I'll give the place a rest (unless someone at yahoo or maybe my computer guru son Patrick can tell me how to access the MYSQL database so that the old site will reappear). Folks who want to chitchat about Paul can check out the Eight_Love community at LiveJournal or the McGann Utopia. And Michelle Harris has a cool McGann Brothers website with input from all the brothers. I might give the Library another go sometime in the future but not for the next couple of months.

I feel like Ripley signing off in cyberspace.
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