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For my formerly McGanned pals who now are David Tennant fans :)

In a recent article in SyFy Portal (, Paul McGann talked abut the popularity of the current Doctor Who series and said the following about the fab David Tennant:

"It’s come back because of that handsome floppy-haired bastard," McGann later joked. "I really really like him. I think he’s brilliant. And what’s more, he is a huge ‘Doctor Who’ fan and so he’s really passionate about it. I should be honest with you; I was never a huge fan. I watched a few things and ‘Doctor Who’ was one of them but I wasn’t completely passionate about it. But for David Tennant, it’s like the job of jobs to him.

"You know, if they never gave him another job, just that one, he’d be perfectly happy for all his life. You know it’s in good hands with him and he’s a wonderful actor."

Despite his high opinion of Tennant, McGann admitted that his original impression of him as an actor was slightly different, but when he was cast as The Doctor that opinion changed completely.

“I’ve only met him once," McGann said. "I met him backstage at national theater and I was introduced to him. This was about four years ago, before he was doing 'Doctor Who.'

"After about two or three minutes since he’d been introduced to me I thought he was actually quite rude because he just stood in front of me and said nothing. I was beginning to feel quite uncomfortable actually. And do you know what it was? He wasn’t being rude, he was completely in awe because I was Doctor Who.

"So anyway later, six months later when he gets the gig it makes complete sense to me," McGann said with a laugh.
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